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You have arrived at Solarproject's website. If you have found your way here you probably aren't too optimistic about the continued spiraling in Oil, Gas and Electricity prices

Based in Bolton and Northampton, UK, our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to start harvesting Solar Energy for Free Hot Water.

And at a cost that makes solid financial sense. (You can fit your own for around £525!)

Within the website you will find advice, information and products. If you have been wondering whether solar is a viable addition to your home, then please explore further.

If you are new to Solar, try starting at the FAQ section. And when you have finished, if you are not persuaded that fitting your own solar hot water is a total no-brainer, even in the varied UK skies, then you weren't concentrating!




For Sales or other enquiries: Contact Peter - 07972 706 456 Bolton, UK.   email:

Panels are not easily shipped by courier so please contact us to make arrangements- We hold stock in both Bolton Lancs and Sywell, Northampton and welcome collection.

We are usually on-line so respond to emails very quickly.



The parts you are looking for? :


A choice of 12volt Solar Water Controllers including:
SP12LCD Fully Functional 12Volt Temperature Differential Controller/ including USB data link for £62.99 inc.3 probes

Special Offers
Extended Offer - Price REDUCED on the 20 tube 58mm panels - Now just £470 all in - no VAT.

Sorry too late! SOLD OUT!

Low Voltage Circulation Pumps for under £26 each- 12V 8W

Plenty of pumps still in stock in range of power levels

Evacuated Tube Solar Panels
UPDATE--We are currently sold out of Hot Water Solar Panels . Meanwhile we continue to focus on pumps, controllers and all the other items needed for the DIY installer. Panels are freely available elsewhere

12V 2 and 3 port motorised valves
3port valve 12V 
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lready a huge favourite with home brew fans, solarproject supplies the famous SP20/20 12 volt DC water pumps that have successfully proven themselves to be ideal as replacements for Solartwin and Johnson pumps at a fraction of the price. Many can be found running narrow boat heating systems, back boilers, engine cooling, rain water harvesting, hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouse irrigation, water features, marine applications,

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