How to Download Real-Time data from your SP12LCD controller to an Excel spreadsheet

Since April 2017 the functionality to upload the date, time and data from the SP12LCD controller into Excel has been built in to the software. This allows the user to create graphs and charts in real-time.

Excel Page

The process simply involves connecting the PC and controller box by USB lead and opening the Excel file that can be downloaded by clicking the link 'This one' below and unzipping the file to open the .xls in Excel.

This one works for the older versions.

If you have a more recent version of Excel you may find you need the newer spreadsheet that has been updated for 64 bit Excel here: or HERE for direct download in .zip format.

Save it to your PC for future use and open the file.......

Click on enable macros when asked by Excel.


A PLX DAQ dialog box will open. Select the com port that your PC has used for the new device, it will probably set itself automatically. Leave the four option boxes blank.

Set the baud rate to 9600 PLXDAQ

Click on CONNECT and this will briefly reboot your controller and upload the column headings to your spreadsheet. A few seconds later you will see the first set of data appear in the second row. The software has been set to provide fresh data every 5 minutes, unless you requested something different at the time of purchase.

As the data comes in you can draw graphs that will display your system's performance and these will update in real time. If you decde to change these graphs and want to save then in that form for next time then I recommend using the CLEAR COLUMNS to wipe old data before saving the sheet to whatever name you want to give it.


If you need this functionality and have an older model of controller then it can be reprogrammed, this involves returning the controller box to me at solarproject , please contact me for details.