What can this controller do?

Controller Display

This is a highly versatile piece of equipment and may seem complex when first trying to speed-read the extensive manual!
The Controller includes:

  • Three standard Temperature Probe Inputs and

  • Four Outputs providing voltage to your choice of applications.

  • All settings are user-programmed to offer great flexibility for different installations.

Basic Operation:

1/ Switch the circulation pump on/off according to the heat available in the panel
2/ Display the temperatures of the solar panel, tank base and tank top

Plus examples of optional applications such as:

3/ OPTION: Switch the circulation pump on briefly to prevent risk of panel frost damage.
4/ OPTION: Switch the circulation pump off if the tank exceeds its pre-set maximum.
5/ OPTION: Switch a second pump, relay or motorised valve when a preset tank temp. is reached (to transfer heat to a secondary tank or heat dump)
6/ OPTION: Switch your boiler on at pre-set time each day if water has not reached desired temp.
7/ OPTION: Monitor for potential bacterial build up and periodically power-up boiler to sterilise in if the necessary temps have not been reached during the week.

Todays tip! For Combi Boiler owners- Option 5 can be used to allow you to take hot water direct from a tank or boosted through the combi, depending on tank temperature.

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