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SP100 12V Temperature Difference Controller Circuit


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SP100 12V Temperature Difference Controller Circuit

12Volt Programmable controller to switch solar pump in when heat is available in collector.

Huge improvement in solar panel efficiency, ensuring maximum capture of heat while eliminating cooling risk when collector temperature falls below tank temp.

Includes options e.g.Anti frost protection to pulse pump at times of frost risk, or dual panel control. (can be programmed to your needs pre-purchase)

LEDS to indicate power and pumping.

Additional relay available to control over-heat risk.

Includes 2 temperature-probe leads, with 5 metres and 2 metres of cable (for collector and tank)

Additional probes available to manage East West Installations.

Enables download of temperature logging into a PC with serial cable (at additional cost). See screen print below

Requires 8-20V DC supply (available separately)

see video of 12Volt Controller here

click here to download instruction leaflet (freezecheck enabled version)