Solarproject SP20/20 Water Pump 12volts 14watts


Product may vary slightly from image representation.

This is the 12 Volt, 14 Watt, 11 litres per minute version of the best selling, economical and well proven centrifugal water pump, ideal for use in SOLAR HOT WATER systems (and loved by Home Brewers across Europe!)

High Temperature capability -40C to +105C.

Please SELECT YOUR CHOICE of TWO VERY EFFICIENT POWER LEVELS, 12V DC.......8 or 14 Watts. 8,11 litres per minute unrestricted flow rate.

Creates vertical head of 5 metres with an unrestricted flow rate of 11 litres per minute.

Pump speed can be varied by Voltage supplied (7V-14V), PWM, or Gate Valve.

Food Grade materials, Brushless, Ceramic Axis for continuous use. MTBF design life >15000 hrs.

Can run from PhotoVoltaic PV panel power.

Half Inch BSP threaded connection for easy fitting to standard plumbing (same as used with 15mm compression fittings)

See our clear SILICONE CONNECTOR KIT SP200 for simplest connection option